Traitor Baiting is the act of pretending to be a traitor, performing traitorous acts as an innocent, or firing around a player looking for them to retaliate. If a player is traitor baiting, you may kill him without it being considered RDM. However, depending on the situation, there may be in-game consequences, such as karma loss, or other players thinking you're a traitor and killing you. People who repeatedly Traitor Bait often get banned by server staff as it can be seen as RDM or Trolling, both of which aren't allowed on many servers. In some servers, traitor baiting is kosable, and on other servers, it's not unless against players.

Examples of Traitor Baiting: Edit

  • The player is shooting around other players.
  • The player is shooting at players without evidence/on suspicion.
  • The player is claiming to be a traitor. (This is verbal T baiting and it's not kosable on most servers)
  • The player is threatening to kill other players.
  • The player is attempting to Prop Kill other players.
  • The player is activating Traps that could damage or kill other players.
  • The player is carrying, hiding, or getting rid of unidentified bodies.
  • The player destroyed Detective Equipment. This isn't necessarily kosable.
  • The player used a Traitor Weapon without claiming to have one (possibly picked up on a Traitor body).
  • The player is carrying an explosive barrel near a group of people.