"I'm a traitor guys, KOS me"

-- Distro

General IdeaEdit

The general idea for this strategy is to immediately announce that you are a traitor, then go on a rampage with an AK-47 and a bulletproof vest. You want to make sure you are accurate and make every bullet count. Generally noone suspects that you are telling the truth, and wIll walk right by you. Even when a KOS is called, most people wIll think that you are joking, and disregard it.

Equipment Recommended Edit

  • AK-47 or other T weapon
  • Bullet Proof Vest

When to doEdit

  • When people are bunched up
  • At the start of the round
  • On small maps
  • When there are 10+ people alive
  • When you are a T
  • If you are good 

When not to doEdit

  • On large maps
  • When there are not many people left
  • When people are spread out
  • When you are innocent
  • If you are bad