Garrys Mod TTT M16 for the win

Garrys Mod TTT M16 for the win


"I found an M16" - Guku the super duper sayin

The M16 is an Assault Rifle commonly found on most TTT maps. The M16 has a clip of 20 rounds, and a max capacity of 60 rounds in the three extra clips. It is located in Weapon Slot 3 or the "Primary Weapon" Slot. The M16 uses 9MM ammo which is very common on most maps. The M16 has capabilities of being viable at all ranges but is suited for close to medium range combat. The fire rate of the M16 is slower than most weapons but has a high damage output especially on headshot. The average damage per bullet of the M16 is: Headshot: 62 Bodyshot: 23

One-Shot kill weapons such as the Sniper Rifle and the Shotgun/Pump Shotgun can overpower players wielding the M16 but with a faster fire rate than both of these weapons and a larger clip, the M16 can win gunfights against players wielding these powerful weapons.

Fighting against players wielding weapons such as the MAC-10 or the H.U.G.E can be easy gunfights if the player wielding the M16 lands at least 4-5 bodyshots or 1-2 headshots before being shot to death by the larger clip of 30 bullets from the MAC-10 and the 150 bullets of the H.U.G.E. Recoil and spread on the M16 is near minimal comparing to the large recoil of the H.U.G.E and the spread of a Glock. The sound of an M16 is very loud and distinct causing it to be not a very good stealth weapon unless a quick kill is performed with at least one or two headshots.

Credit to and for their damage calculations on many of the TTT weapons, including the M16.


The M16 is also known as the assault rifle.

The M16 is the only weapon capable of zooming in through the iron-sights besides the sniper rifle.

The M16 is one of the most commonly found weapons on TTT maps with an estimated average of 6-8 on every map.

Despite being called an M16, it's model closely resembles that of an M4 carbine.