Knife Edit


The knife is a weapon available in the Traitor Menu. It deals 50 damage to healthy targets and will be consumed on a kill.

However, it requires players be in melee range and as such carries risk in being spotted as the player enters a distinctive 'hunched over' stance when wielding it. The knife will instantly kill players who are 'wounded' (below 50hp) which can be seen on the HUD when holding the knife.

The knife can also be thrown with right-click, the knife must travel 300 units to instantly kill and it travels in an arced path. As such, it is recommended to use this on players running in a straight line in front of you so you can ensure a kill upon hitting, but pick up the knife should you fail to do so.

Trivia Edit

  • The knife used to be a one-hit kill, but this was removed due to issues with it being overpowered. However, many servers have returned the knife to its former stats at players demand.