NEVER TRUST ANYONE (Trouble in Terrorist Town)

NEVER TRUST ANYONE (Trouble in Terrorist Town)

"I hate being innocent"

- GalacticProton

What is an InnocentEdit

Innocent is one of the 3 categories that you could be. The role of the innocent is to find the traitors and kill them. The innocents win when all the traitors are dead and there is at least 1 innocent left alive. 


The Innocent are the majority (normally 75% of the game's population.) Their group color is green. A traitor is shown as an innocent to everyone, except for other traitors. As an innocent player, you are the most vulnerable. Innocent players risk being killed by Traitors and being wrongly accused of being a Traitor. They also cannot buy equipment. The player can pick up weapons and use them against would-be killers, but normally, players will be killed, due to the surprise nature of the attack. The innocent has to suspect everyone and trust no one. The innocent can stay by the detective for protection but it also is a bit suspicious. As an innocent don't kill people without proof as that will make people think that you are a traitor and the worst thing you could do is shoot randomly. People are immediately KOS (Killed on Sight) if they:

- Don't identify a body(usually only later in the game)

- Shoot someone who isn't KOS

- Carry a traitor weapon without telling anyone they have it

- Go into the traitor room

- Follow you around and refuse to stop(only KOSable on some servers)

- Harm you in any way