Ttt health station

This is a fully charged Health Station.

Trouble in Terrorist Town - Episode 6 - Health Station!

Trouble in Terrorist Town - Episode 6 - Health Station!

 Why do you need a health station

- Seananners

Health StationEdit

The Health Station is something that a detective can buy with his credits by pressing C (by default). The Health Station is the most commonly bought item by detectives as it is very useful if a lot of people get injured by a C4 or Jhad etc... The only downside to the Health Station is that the traitors can use it too so if someone shows up wounded and asks for a health station then the detective should be suspicious. The health station has a maximum of 200 HP to give and if it gets down to zero it will slowly recharge. When you are taking health from it you are an easy target for traitors. Any player who uses the health station leaves a DNA trace, which can be taken with a DNA scanner. As a traitor a health station is a good place to use a Jhad or to shoot people who are easy targets.


- The opposite of a Health Station is the Death Station which looks exactly like the Health Station except it kills instantly whoever uses it. The Death Station can be bought by traitors.