The H.U.G.E is a weapon available to all players in TTT.  It is a machine gun with the fastest fire rate in the game. However, its harsh recoil and low accuracy make unwieldy in most situations which is why it is often considered to be the worst weapon in the game. The H.U.G.E cannot reload as it does not take any type of ammo available in the game, so when it runs out of ammo, the user will have to find another H.U.G.E or find another weapon. 

 After firing 5-10 shots, the recoil will begin to rapidly increase, so when using it, burst-firing is much more preferable for accuracy. The H.U.G.E deals 7 damage on each body shot. However, the actual damage will vary due to the bullet spread hitting all kinds of body parts. 

 Usually the victim will have time to call the shooter out because the weapon's actual damage output is pretty low compared to other weapons, making it a poor choice for traitors who want to kill other players discretely. 


The H.U.G.E is based off of the M249, a popular miltary-grade machine gun.