The Flare Gun is a weapons available in the Traitor Menu that can be used to burn corpses so that no one can find them. Burning a corpse takes a few seconds and gives off a loud distinctive burning sound and leaves a scorch mark. When someone attempts to identify a corpse currently being burned they are given the message "Ouch, this corpse is on fire!".

The Flare Gun only has 4 bullets and can not be reloaded, so use your shots wisely. An innocent or detective will not have much need for this weapon. The Flare Gun can be used as a weapon but it doesn't kill easily. It does 50 damage with one bullet by burning them for about 5 to 10 seconds which can be extinguished with water.

The Flare Gun is one of two silenced weapons in vanilla TTT, as such, it can be used discreetly near other players to burn bodies or other players without being spotted. It functions well in this regard as the Flare Gun is an accurate weapon.


  • It was originally supposed to have 10 bullets but the creators supposed that it would be too easy to get rid of lots of corpses.