So how does one figure out if someone is a traitor or not? Of course, there is the obvious way of witnessing someone shoot another player, but if you only rely on this then the traitors will win most matches. The only sure way to know if someone is innocent is to make use of the traitor tester, but many maps do not have a traitor tester so an innocent will have to make use of other methods to find traitors.

     Generally speaking, you will have to find traitors based on suspicious activity. But just what constitutes suspicious activity? That is a complex question and the answer is often different for every person. Below I have compiled a list of way to help figure out if someone is a traitor. Keep in mind that often times one of these alone is not enough to KOS. Only call a KOS if you are certain that person is a traitor and be sure to explain, if you can, why you called the KOS.


Tips for Finding TraitorsEdit

1. Not Checking Unidentified Bodies


2. Failing to Speak – Some people don’t like to use their mics or are naturally quiet, and it is difficult to suspect someone of being a traitor if this is the case. However, when a user speaks a lot (hence the talker archetype) you might want to keep track of changes in the frequency of their dialogue. Sometimes it is quite obvious in the sense of that there person rarely speaks as a traitor but speaks all the time as an innocent. Other times however, it is subtle. For example, perhaps an individual is quiet for the first thirty seconds of the round. That might indicate them shopping for traitor weapons (more on this in Chapters 4 and 6). Or maybe they remain unusually quiet during testing. All of these things are suspicious and should be pointed out if noticed, but do not KOS based only on this.


3. The Traitor’s “What?” – The traitor’s “what” is a name that I have given to a common phenomenon where a question will be asked of a traitor and they will respond with a startled “what.” This is because they are so engrossed in their thoughts about how they will pull off their traitorous acts that they are not paying attention to the conversation. On rare occasions there is something outside of the game that will grab the player’s attention but nine out of ten times the person is a traitor. Only kill the person if this “what” is extremely out of the ordinary. Typically, you should call the individual out as suspicious and/or perform some other test.


4. Suspicious Movements – This is somewhat of a broad topic and when I explain this it usually confuses people so I will do my utmost to keep it simple. Often times when a traitor is in the traitor menu, they will pause for a few seconds to make their purchase or they will walk in an unnaturally straight line. Immediately question this and if they can’t think of an excuse in five seconds shoot them. Anybody with a legitamite excuse for this won’t take so long to answer you. Of course, account for people taking time to type and please don’t take this advice to absurd lengths. There is a fine line between when this is good strategy and when this is RDM.


5. Suspicious Aiming – Unlike suspicious movements, this is something very specific that someone will only do if they are looking to kill you. If someone aims their gun at your chest, feet, or other body parts, then that it just regular motion. However, aiming at your head is a big indicator that someone is looking to cap you. To test this theory, move around the area while keeping your eye on them (and your finger on the mouse). If you have moved around a lot and they continue to aim at your face shoot them, no questions asked. Again, be reasonable with this. You should only shoot if you know that a spectator watching the encounter can say with certainty “that guy is aiming for player so-and-so’s face.”


6. Being Hurt – If someone is hurt and you don’t know why, question it. If they claim they fell, ask them to point out where. There should be a blood stain and if there isn’t, you know they are lying. If they claim they were shot, ask why they haven’t reported it. Believe it or not, this happens a lot and is a horrible way to go about being an innocent. If you are being shot at, INSTANTLY announce your location and what is happening to you.   


7. Staying Away from the Traitor Tester – When the traitor tester is activated and the detective orders people to the tester, look for anybody going in the opposite direction or avoiding the tester. Question their intentions and ask them to test. If they refuse despite the detective or more innocents being at the tester, kill them.


8. Not being seen – If someone has not been seen or heard from for a while, call a live check. If they fail to respond then they are likely dead, but possibly a traitor. Be sure to place a KOS on them in case they are alive and well.


9. Not Helping to Kill a Traitor – This only applies if the suspected individual was in a position to help take down a traitor but if they did not shoot then demand an explanation. Similarly, if the traitor shot at everybody except one person be suspicious.


10. Being Uncooperative – The innocent’s most powerful weapon is communication. If a player is being uncooperative they might be a traitor trying to sabotage the discussion. Similarly, if someone actively tries to derail the conversation, be suspicious. This might be a harmless attempt to spark an interesting conversation or it might be a traitor working to distract the innocents.

Bonus TipEdit

Failing to Spell Innocent Backwards – This is not a good test as most players will know how to do so already, but if anybody fails to do so (or takes a ridiculously long time) they are KOS. However, only do this test if you strongly suspect the person in question and you also suspect that they will not have this memorized. You don’t want to annoy people with this even though it is technically a valid test.