The Deagle, also known as the Desert Eagle is a weapon available to all players. It goes in the secondary weapon slot. The Deagle is the only secondary weapon that kills instantly and regardless of body armour on a headshot. The Deagle is commonly used by traitors to headshot people to kill them quickly before they have a chance to shoot, dealing 200 damage on headshot. The Deagle deals 37 damage on a bodyshot (11 damage if on an armoured player). The Deagle is the best pistol for long range due to its accuracy, allowing you to pick off stationary targets with ease. The Deagle can fire 8 bullets before it needs to reload. It can hold 24 bullets more maximum.


In Counter-Strike Source, the Desert Eagle had to be nerfed because it was far too accurate and powerful. Some servers still use the old version of the Deagle, making it extremely useful.