C4 is a placable explosive available in the Traitor Shop to purchase with credits. The C4 is a timed explosive and can be attached to a surface (Right Mouse) or dropped (Left Mouse) and armed. When armed, the timer can be set to go off anywhere from 45 seconds to 10 minutes. Armed C4s beep regularly, which can notify nearby terrorists, however, the longer the duration of the timer, the quieter and less frequent the C4's beeping will be.

C4 can be disarmed by an innocent cutting the correct wire which can be found on the body of the Traitor who planted the C4. Alternatively, it can instantly be disarmed with a Defuser, which also makes the C4 for the wielder more noticable. The longer the duration of the timer, the less correct wires there will be, with a maximum of 5 at 4 minutes 1 second and a minimum of 1 at 45 seconds to 1 minute. The Traitor who planted the C4 can instantly and safely disarm it by clicking the disarm button, whereas other Traitors cannot disarm C4 planted by fellow Traitors unless the Traitor who planted the C4 is already dead.

Strategy Edit

The C4 should be planted where there is a large group of people nearby, but where it is not easily noticeable so that an innocent won't stumble upon it or hear it and attempt to disarm it or call a detective. When a C4 is disarmed an innocent or detective can pick it up or destroy it. The Detective can use the DNA Scanner on the C4 to find the DNA of the person who planted it.

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If disarming a C4, make note of how frequently and loudly it beeps, this should give you an indication of how long the fuse was set. If it beeps loudly once every second or so, it was armed for 45 seconds and you have a 5 in 6 (83%) chance of defusing it. If it beeps quietly once every ten seconds, it was armed for 4 minutes, 1 second (the minimum time for the maximum wires) and you have a 5 in 6 chance (17%) of defusing it.

The lethal range of a C4 is 750 hammer units with a quick fall off to ~950 units, the lethal range can be seen in the picture attached.


  • The C4 is a default traitor weapon but the Jihad Bomb is not.
  • The C4 was thought of before the Jihad Bomb.