Airbus is a popular TTT map, set aboard an aircraft mid-flight. It has an abundance of traitor traps, such as opening airlocks, locking security doors and a secret tunnel network, and consists of three decks. The players start off in a meeting room like area, with a large collection and variety of guns and ammunition laid out in front of them. The map largely consists of airplane seating, suites, a restaurant and a cargo area. Either the innocents or the traitors can achieve a victory by constructing the blowtorch, and using it to break into the cockpit. The blowtorch is composed of six parts, a point, a leg, a gas tank, a cylindrical tube and two oddly shaped parts. These parts can be found in the overhead bins and the suites, they must be brought back to the translucent version of the blowtorch, located in front of the spawn. Once all the pieces have been collected and assembled, the blowtorch will become grabbable, and a player must bring it to the front of the plane, where there is another translucent version of the blowtorch. Once placed, the blowtorch will begin to cut through the panelling. In this state, the blowtorch can be easily destroyed, so it should be protected carefully, however there are two of every piece, so if the blowtorch is destroyed it is possible to create a second one. Once the blowtorch has cut through the panel, a player will be able to walk through the newly-created hole and drop into the cockpit. If the player then presses all six buttons so that their lights are all green, the turrets in the plane will activate, killing everyone else on board and triggering a victory for the player who reached the cockpit.